Yoga focuses on discipline and is meant to benefit the body both physically and mentally. This Hindu practice spread to the West in the 20th century and is still widely practiced to this day. Many use yoga activities as a form of exercise, for physical...

What is Yoga?   Originating from India, Yoga is a practice that connects the mind and body by using ancient methods of meditation and body poses. This widely-known exercise technique is used for the benefit of relaxation and the improvement of overall health. Yoga is practiced in...

It is already known that yoga has thousands of health benefits. However, did you know that this ancient form of strengthening and stretching is an excellent practice for preventing injuries? Yoga’s innate characteristics help strengthen bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. A significant part of practicing this art is breathing. Breathing is the most basic but essential part of being aware of your body limitations. If you are looking to take a yoga class to prevent a future injury, visit us for some yoga in Canandaigua, here at Lake Country Physical Therapy & Sportscare.

As the weather gets cold outside, some of us are preparing for the winter ski season. Skiing is a sport that helps you stay active and healthy during those long winter months. However, skiing can be dangerous. According to the National Ski Areas Association, severe injuries from skiing like head traumas or paralysis can occur at the rate of 44.7 per year. This may sound scary, but there are many ways you can avoid ski injuries. At Lake Country Physical Therapy and Sportscare, we offer Ski Performance Program to enhance your body’s performance and the ability to ski while preventing injury and overuse.

Yoga is a great activity for keeping your body in top physical shape. Some of its many benefits include boosting heart and health, improve balance, and flexibility, and building muscle strength and tone. However, practicing yoga poses daily can also be life-changing, not just for the body but as well as the mind. Here are Lake Country Physical Therapy And Sportscare we offer weekly yoga classes to let your mind and body become one. 

Yoga can be intimidating for beginners, but at Lake Country Physical Therapy And Sportscare, we expect our yogis to gain control over their bodies and minds in just a few sessions. Each session is designed to improve your muscles, blood flow, posture, bones, and many other health concerns. Yoga in Canandaigua provides our clients with an environment that encourages them to learn at their own pace. 

  Yoga is a practice that unites your mind, body, and spirit. This is done by breathing, medi   tation, and relaxation. The word “yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit language, meaning “to yoke” or “unite.” Yoga is becoming increasingly popular due to its numerous benefits, such as improving strength, balance, flexibility, and reducing anxiety. Yoga in Canandaigua, NY at Lake Country Physical Therapy and Sportscare allows you to manage pain and stress through yoga therapy!

  So you want to start incorporating yoga into your everyday routine. The first question you might ask yourself is, “Where do I start?”. Maybe you went to a yoga class and thought it was too advanced. That’s okay. With a little bit of practice each day, you’ll soon be thinking that the “advanced” class you took a few weeks ago is now a piece of cake. If you’re looking for yoga in Canandaigua, Lake Country Physical Therapy can guide you in your journey of connecting your mind and body.

In our fast-paced world that we live in, sometimes we often find ourselves becoming overwhelmed with our everyday lives. Relaxation is key to someone's peace of mind and a way to limit stress. Yoga is a great way to teach us how to calm our mind, heal the body, and energize our spirits. If you are looking to find your inner peace of mind or would you like to reduce stress than, contact Lake Country Physical Therapy & Sportscare for yoga in Canandaigua, NY.