Yoga For Injury Prevention

Yoga For Injury Prevention

It is already known that yoga has thousands of health benefits. However, did you know that this ancient form of strengthening and stretching is an excellent practice for preventing injuries? Yoga’s innate characteristics help strengthen bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. A significant part of practicing this art is breathing. Breathing is the most basic but essential part of being aware of your body limitations. If you are looking to take a yoga class to prevent a future injury, visit us for some yoga in Canandaigua, here at Lake Country Physical Therapy & Sportscare.

For active people, practicing yoga will boost their performance simply by monitoring their breathing and understanding what they can and cannot do. In turn, whatever limitation they do come across can be addressed by keeping with the practice of yoga. 

Another attribute of yoga is that it loosens muscles that are very tight, such as hamstrings in runners. A tight hamstring can stop even the most experienced runner in their tracks. Being an athlete in any sport makes your body very asymmetrical because you are going to use your most active side to achieve success. Athletes should be performing yoga because it provokes awareness of the weaker side, allowing you to bring balance to your body. 

It also assists in breaking up scar tissue that can accumulate from either injury or a sedentary lifestyle in general. As a result, this will assist in your body’s improved overall functionality, which makes a much better quality of life much better. Yoga also helps with developing better neuromuscular connections, which gets you in better tune with your body and what it needs daily. 

By knowing your body and breathing better, that will prevent any type of internal injuries as well. Yoga strengthens your core, leading to overall improved muscle strength. Even if you are not an active person or the exact opposite, yoga helps improve lives, both mentally and physically. 

Yoga in Canandaigua With Lake Country Physical Therapy & Sportscare

Lake Country Physical Therapy & Sportscare offers one on one yoga therapy for any medical condition or injury. This weekly yoga class is given every Wednesday evening and Friday mornings. It is safe for the spine and can prepare you for seasonal sports. The Zoe~nergy yoga class can be for all levels, and props are available! So if you are looking for yoga in Canandaigua, visit us at Lake Country Physical Therapy & Sportscare to help you improve your bodily condition. Contact our office today!