About Us

About Us



Our mission at Lake Country Physical Therapy and Sportscare, PC is to enhance the quality of life, overall health, fitness and well-being of adults and children by evaluating, treating and educating each person with high quality, comprehensive, individual service.


Our vision at Lake Country Physical Therapy and Sportscare, PC is to be the first choice for pain management, restoring function and performance.  We aspire to lead the way in getting our clients feeling better than expected in the fewest number of visits.


We recognize that people thrive in an environment of respect, compassion and individuality. We are committed to providing programs and services implementing these values as we INSPIRE our clients to move comfortably in life.


  • We are committed to display moral principles as we listen to and acknowledge the unique needs, concerns and resources of each individual.
  • We will conduct ourselves in a fair, trustworthy manner and uphold professional and ethical standards.
  • We will introduce ourselves and explain our role.

Be truthful and maintain confidentiality.



  • We are dedicated to helping you feel at ease and safe while fun and play is incorporated into your treatment plan. Educating you is a top priority.
  • We act with compassion, empathy, understanding and attentiveness toward others.
  • We will communicate with warmth, using names, smiling and making eye contact and listening attentively.

Be helpful and show support.


  • It is an honor to offer optimal “best” standards of practice and to exercise effective professional judgment while we assist our clients in reaching their personal goals.
  • We will maintain intelligence in our field.
  • We will maintain high levels of practice through continuing education.

Be eager to learn and apply new skills and techniques.


  • We treat you with dignity and honor your input regarding your care. We hold your personal information in confidence and we truly appreciate the opportunity to use our knowledge and gifts of healing.
  • We will be accountable and take responsibility for our actions, joining together with colleges to deliver our mission.
  • We will answer questions clearly, explain what will happen next and keep your physicians informed.

Take responsibility and always follow through.


  • We believe physical therapy is an art and science of managing pain and restoring function. We recognize pain and limited function is a different experience for each person.
  • We will always take the time to check in with you during the rehabilitation process.
  • We will pause to ask you how you are doing in general as well as with your progress with treatment.

Take the time to show you care.


  • We acknowledge busy lives and we admire your commitment to better your health and well-being.
  • We will always treat patients, family and colleagues with dignity and sensitivity, valuing diversity.
  • We will respond promptly with courtesy and kindness to people’s feelings and concerns.

Build understanding to reach common goals.


  • We strive to be accurate and precise.
  • We are dedicated to give our very best with each and every interaction with our clients, referral sources, vendors and insurance companies.
  • We will lead by example, rising above the ordinary though our personal efforts and those of our team
  • We exceed expectations: we will always ask if there is anything else we can do for you.

Demonstrate open and honest communication.