About the Associative Awareness Techniques™ (AAT™) Program

If you suffer from a “chronic condition” or treat patients with chronic conditions like:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Trauma
  • Stress
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Failed Surgery Syndrome
  • Unexplained Pain Patterns
  • Limiting Beliefs

…and you are searching for answers…
You Can’t Afford to Miss this Information!
Chronic Conditions are NOT caused by the Human Body
Description: image of a brain
Chronic Conditions begin and end within the Human Brain
First, understand that your body is kind of like your car.
Description: photo of a traffic jam

When you get into your car and provide instructions to the machinery (turning it on, adjusting your seat/mirrors/radio, putting the car into gear, turning the steering wheel, stepping on the brake and gas pedals…), the car responds with the appropriate actions.

Without instructions from the driver, the car doesn’t do ANYTHING!

Your body is no different.

See, your body is the car and your brain is the driver.

Your brain (Central Nervous System) provides instructions for every function that occurs inside your body. Your body is in constant communication with your brain at all times, every second of your life.

Description: image of a brain

Your brain is this amazing supercomputer that receives, processes and analyzes a staggering amount of information every second of your life…
but that’s not all… Your brain also provides specific instructions to every tissue, organ, and system within your body… every second of your life!

Here’s another way to think about this:

Your body is not the cause of your condition, rather merely the symptom. Many of you with chronic conditions suffer from persistent tension to your shoulders, neck, and back of your head. Many of you have had treatments like physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage…

Feels pretty good… for a while. Then, the symptoms come back. Why?! If the muscle is the problem, and you treat the muscle… why do your symptoms return?

Because the muscle is NOT the problem. Your muscles are simply responding to instructions being sent by your brain. For those of you caught in this protective cycle, your symptom patterns return no matter what you try because your brain continues to send instructions of protection throughout your body.

To sum it up, Your Brain is the Driver…

Image: Your brain is the driver

…Your Body is the Car!

Image: Your body is the car

Second, we have to understand how your brain reacts during times of trauma so that we can begin to understand why your body still hurts.

Your instincts take over during times of trauma. (Understanding this will enlighten many of you with answers to so many questions you’ve had for so long)

The Human Brain is the most amazing Super Computer known!

Description: circuitry
Description: hard drive

Like any supercomputer, your brain has a hard drive.
This is called your Brainstem, and it lies at the base of your brain, just above your spinal cord.

Description: brainstem

Your brainstem houses a part of your Central Nervous System that controls ALL of the automatic functions that occur within your body to keep you alive.

Things like: breathing, management of every internal organ and system (not to mention the interaction of all organs and systems…), fight and flight protective reflexes…

Description: Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

This part of your Central Nervous System (called the Autonomic (automatic) Nervous System), is always functioning, every second of your life. This is the part of your brain that “takes over” when you experience trauma. This is where your brain stores your Survival Instincts, in the hard drive… in the most primitive, base-level your brain… so that your instincts can protect your life.

When you experience trauma through injury, accident, abuse of any kind, stress (death, loss of job, divorce, illness) or any situation combined with a sense of helplessness, your survival instincts of Fight and Flight turn on without your conscious permission or awareness.

Most of you will recognize the pattern of Fight and Flight in the body:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased breathing rate
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Hormone shift toward producing more adrenalin
  • Dry mouth
  • Butterflies in Stomach
  • Sweaty palms
  • Poor focus / concentration
  • Increased frustration/anxiety
  • Muscle tension and pain

These are normal reactions when your protective instincts take over. As your brain shifts into protection mode, your body’s organs and systems receive new instructions from your brain’s hard drive (Autonomic Nervous System).

These instructions result in the patterns you see listed above…
the patterns of Chronic Conditions!

The problem for those of you suffering from chronic conditions is the repetitive activation of this instinctive process over time. When you have been suffering for a long time, your brain has inevitably activated this protective pattern over and over and over.

Repetition = Habit

For many of you reading this, your Nervous Systems have formed a habit of activating this instinctive protection inappropriately. Like a false alarm.

Description: false alarm

When this false alarm is activated so many times and for so long, the result is a habit of your brain always instructing your body to maintain a pattern of high-level protection.

You begin to develop emotional associations of anger, helplessness, sadness, frustration, hopelessness, fear… throughout your experiences.

In time, your emotions have a dramatic impact on your chronic patterns.

Description: emotions Description: emotions Description: image of a brain

For most of you, when your stress levels increase, so do your physical symptom patterns.

As you develop emotional associations to your chronic condition, you also begin to develop experiential associations (memories) of your limitations and even anticipatory fears based upon those memories. This occurs within your conscious brain or Neo-Cortex. This is the big noodle you think of when you picture your brain. This is where you live: your awareness, memories, creativity, logic, humor, problem-solving, concentration…

Your thoughts, memories and their associations, as well as anticipatory expectations, can also heavily influence the activation of fight and flight protective patterns.

So, the problem of chronic conditions lives within all three base divisions of the brain:

Description: brainstem The Brainstem:
Houses the Autonomic (automatic) Nervous System. This is the most primitive level of the brain and is charged with all things related to survival. It requires no conscious permission or awareness.
Description: limbic system The Limbic System:
Also known as the emotional brain creates emotional associations to experiences and memories. There is a conscious component to the emotional brain, as well as an unconscious component.
Description: neo-cortex The Neo-Cortex:
Your conscious brain. This is the big noodle. Where your conscious memories are stored, your anticipatory expectations, thoughts, beliefs…

Chronic conditions have a heavy impact on all three levels within the brain. The resulting imbalances are often repeated so many times, that habits develop. Habits that recreate the very symptom pattern you are suffering from. No pills help. No treatments last. No one fully understands. No Hope.

Until Now:

Associative Awareness Techniques™ are specifically designed to restore
balance within all three levels of your brain so that you can
finally, find lasting relief in your body.

AAT™ is a 6-step process for restoring balance within your Central Nervous System and re-training your brain to stop sending false alarms throughout your body.

Each step of AAT™ has a specific target within your brain with a common goal of restoring balance to your Central Nervous System.

Description: brain

Level 1:
Steps 1 and 2 are specifically designed to create balance within your Autonomic Nervous System. (Your brain’s hard drive).

Level 2:
Steps 3 and 4 are specifically designed to target the Limbic System (emotional brain) and break negative emotional associations that result in the activation of fight and flight protective patterns.

Level 3:
Steps 5 and 6 are specifically designed to break experiential associations and anticipatory expectations within the Neo-Cortex (conscious brain) and fully break the habitual cycle chronic conditions within your lives.

You can perform ALL 6 STEPS
right from home!

Step 2: Reflax™ is the only step that is not completely self-applied. This important step in the AAT™ process requires someone trusted to perform a hands-on technique upon your body. This can be a medical professional or your spouse, friend or family member.

The sequencing of how we create lasting balance within the brain and reset the cycle of chronic conditions is very important.

First: we must start by shutting down the instinctive protection patterns within the body. This means we have to target the Brainstem, which houses the Autonomic (automatic) Nervous System. This is the specific goal of Level 1.</>

Second: we must break old, negative emotional associations housed within the Limbic System (emotional brain). Level 2 targets both the conscious and unconscious aspects of the Limbic system.

Third: we must change the way our conscious associations, memories and anticipatory expectations have become patterned to trigger that old fight and flight response within our bodies. Level 3 is specifically designed for this task.

This protocol has been developed over years of working with people just like you… people suffering from chronic conditions without any answers.

Associative Awareness Techniques™ continue to shock health care practitioners with results they never thought were possible. You can achieve these same results by applying this technique, in sequence… as recommended, right from your own home