The Effects of Obesity on Ankle Sprains


The Effects of Obesity on Ankle Sprains

Ankle Sprains

A sprained ankle is a painful condition that can take several weeks or longer to heal. However, it is important to know how being overweight may further complicate an ankle sprain. For many, the effects of obesity on ankle sprains can be extensive.

Ankle sprains occur when the ankle is twisted or rolled and can be caused by factors such as falls, imbalance, or accidents. When the ankle is twisted or rolled, ligaments (bands of connective tissue that help hold together bones in the ankle) become stretched or torn. This causes inflammation, pain, stiffness, and limited range of motion. The pain that is experienced from an ankle sprain can range in severity, and is dependent upon how many ligaments have been affected and how severely they have been torn or stretched. Recovery time can range from several weeks to over a month. Those affected by a sprain may have difficulty walking, or may even require crutches for several weeks until they regain stability and range of motion. Ankle sprains are often treated with ice, compression, over-the-counter pain relievers, ensuring that as little weight is put on the ankle as possible, and practicing rehabilitation exercises through physical therapy.

The effects of obesity on ankle sprains can be substantial. Carrying even a little extra weight can be a problem, as the feet and ankles bear a great deal of the body’s overall weight. This causes additional stress on the ankles and results in overall imbalance and instability, which increases the likelihood of falls or stumbles that result in an ankle sprain. Additionally, the effects of obesity on ankle sprains can persist after a sprain has occurred. It can delay healing and prolong recovery time for ankle sprains, as excess weight continues to cause imbalance and instability, and continues to put stress on the ankle. This can even lead to reinjury of the sprained ankle, or continued issues with inflammation and pain.  

It is important to treat an ankle sprain to ensure proper healing and full recovery. It is also equally important to be aware of the effects of obesity on ankle sprains. Physical therapy can be an effective way to treat sprains with exercises that can help promote balance and increase range of motion. Lake Country Physical Therapy and Sportscare has been offering quality physical therapy services since 1987. Their knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you recover from your ankle sprain or take preventative measures. Don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we may help you today!