The benefits of plyometric exercises

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The benefits of plyometric exercises

Plyometric Exercises

If you live near Canandaigua, New York and are looking to stay in shape as well as add more to your workout routine or a seasoned athlete looking to build more strength, you might want to try plyometric exercises. These exercises are designed to help you build explosive power. They can be very beneficial to an athlete looking to increase their speed and overall performance on the field of whichever sport they may play. This exercises can also be the boost you need in order to stay in shape and get stronger fast.  

Plyometric exercises are a combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise that require a lot of energy due to their intensity. They help utilize the whole body and activate most muscle groups within the body. Many of the exercises are done with body weight or very light loads like plyo pushups, box jumps, and jump squats. The goal is always to train to your maximum force in a small period of time. Therefore, the reps are kept low and the intensity and effort is expected to be high. These exercises are beneficial to increase muscular strength and mass, increase speed and power, strengthen fast-twitch fibers in the muscles, increase the strength of tendons which means a lot less injuries, boost the efficiency of the neuromuscular system and develop your abilities in other exercises and sports.

However effective this type of exercise is to your bodily condition, without proper form, you can injure yourself. Whether you are new to plyometrics or more experienced, if you are not sure what proper form to maintain, visiting an experienced physical therapist can be beneficial towards preventing an injury. A physical therapist will be able guide you through proper motioning as well as provide tips in order to prevent injuries.

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