sports injury rehab in Canandaigua

ACL Surgery Rehab

by lakecountrypt, April 22, 2018

Sports Injury Rehab in Canandaigua

An ACL injury can be a long and difficult recovery process. This injury usually requires surgery and a lengthy rehab process because the ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is a major ligament in the knee that helps you move. This is a common injury among athletes because of the number of different movements that they perform, but non-athletes can also be affected as well. If you are looking for a physical therapist who specializes in sports injury rehab in Canandaigua, Lake Country Physical Therapy is here to help you recover from your ACL injury and surgery.


An ACL tear can occur in a number of ways:


  • Getting hit directly in the knee
  • Running and suddenly stopping
  • Jumping and landing on a straightened knee
  • Twisting the knee while having a foot planted in the ground
  • Moving your weight quickly from one leg to another


After an ACL tear surgery, the rehabilitation process starts. One frequent question is: how long does the rehab process take? Normally, the process will take at least six months or possibly more depending on the severity of the injury and how you recover over time.


Physical therapy is one of the most effective ways in recovering from ACL surgery. By working with a physical therapist, they can help you regain your full range of motion in your knee and strengthen it back to full health. A physical therapist will stick by your side for the entirety of the rehabilitation process and develop a timeline for recovery, getting you back to your old self.  


Another advantage of physical therapy for an ACL injury is the variety of exercises that they can offer. These exercises help you strengthen your knee and recover to the fullest extent. If you’ve suffered a sports injury and are looking for sports injury rehab in Canandaigua, Lake Country Physical Therapy can help.


The ACL rehab process can seem daunting because of the lengthy recovery process and the severity of the injury, but one way to make the rehabilitation process easier is by working with a physical therapist. Lake Country Physical Therapy can provide sports injury rehab in Canandaigua and get you back to optimal health. If you would like to make an appointment, be sure to contact us today!