Difficulty Sleeping? Yoga Can Help

Difficulty Sleeping? Yoga Can Help

Insomnia and difficulty sleeping has been a reported health detriment that is often brought to our attention by patients. To combat these issues, numerous patients have tried out several different treatment methods, including medication, to assist them in acquiring adequate sleep time. Unfortunately, medicinal options may also create negative complications and cause more harm than good. Here at Lake County Physical Therapy & Sportscare, we pride ourselves on giving patients a healthier alternative to medication.

Regrettably, increased amounts of sleep deprivation can affect your functional performance and lower your quality of life. Among other issues, operating heavy machinery such as a motor vehicle can suddenly become a significant risk for patients who are not fully alert. Keeping these risks in mind, it’s important that we identify the potential causes of sleep difficulty/deprivation. Customarily, the most common stimulants for insomnia is often stress-related. Other factors can include regularly staying up late due to work or activity. What can be vital to your sleep health is maintaining a proper schedule and daily routine. Going to sleep at roughly the same time every night (and waking up at the same time) has often yielded positive results when it comes to sleep patterns. If this method proves to be inefficient, yoga in Canandaigua can be another viable solution for your sleep-related complications.

Yoga is not just beneficial to help build your core and aid your overall physical fitness, it can also assist your mental health. The exercise can help you alleviate stress, thus contributing to relief from your sleeping disorder. Performing a consistent yoga routine daily can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep throughout the night, and decreases your overall fatigue level. If you are intrigued by this proposition and are looking for a location that offers yoga in Canandaigua, then you should inquire about the yoga services that Lake County Physical therapy offers.

Regarding yoga, patients must be aware of certain variations of the exercise, some of which are intended to energize you and not provide assistance when it comes to rest/relaxation. Ask our staff about which routines/exercises are able to treat sleep deprivation specifically. For a few examples, here are some yoga exercises that you can add to your routine that may help improve your sleep quality:

  • The Lying Butterfly.
  • The Corpse Pose.
  • The Hero Pose.
  • The Cat and Cow Pose.
  • The Child’s Pose.
  • The Reclining Goddess Pose.
  • The Happy Baby Pose.
  • The Supine Spinal Twist Pose.
  • Figure Four Up The Wall Pose.
  • The Legs Up The Wall Pose.

Ask our staff here at Lake Country PT for the specifics regarding these exercises and how to properly execute them.

Implementing a yoga routine to help you sleep better is applicable to many aspects for treating sleeping disorders and other conditions. A consistent yoga routine can provide assistance for cancer patients, elderly patients, pregnant patients, and patients experiencing pain related to physical and mental trauma. For those who are interested in inquiring, please contact our staff at Lake Country PT for further information.

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