Women’s Health and Physical Therapy

by lakecountrypt, January 5, 2016

Woman’s Health Physical Therapy

Although physical therapy is universally helpful to both men and women, physical therapists can tailor exercises to fit the specialized needs of both genders. It is important that these gender specific exercises for both men and women are performed by a specifically trained physical therapist that is also trained in the condition that needs to be improved. For women in particular, physical therapy can be extremely useful throughout various stages of life.

Female athletes can seek physical therapists as a source of help, whether they be weekend warriors or competitive athletes, in order to learn self-care, proper execution, and  treatment in order to improve what is preventing top performance. Women can also experience incontinence, which may be caused from pelvic floor weakness and other combining factors. Physical therapy can help in assessing the diet of the woman in order to treat them correctly; including restraining bowel and bladder habits and abdominal and pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation with or without electrical stimulation or biofeedback.

After surgical procedures, including radiation and chemotherapy, there can be an increase in fatigue. Physical therapy can help in resuming regular physical activity by lessening fatigue and providing instructions on managing energy. Arthritis aches and pains affect women everyday, and physical therapy is strongly recommended for people that have any muscle, bone, joint, ligament, fascial, or cartilage injury after surgery. Manual therapies can help in breaking the pain cycle to allow motion and tolerance to exercise, which will restore strength, flexibility, agility, and balance for daily living and increased job performance.

Women need to be able to live their day-to-day lives comfortably, without pain, and in order to achieve that, women should include physical therapy into their routine to improve their quality of life.

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