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Raking Leaves Doesn’t Have To Hurt

by lakecountrypt, October 29, 2018

Raking Leaves Doesn’t Have To Hurt

With the winter weather fast approaching, the leaves have stated to fall, and many home owners are getting their yards ready for the cold months ahead. All too often we hear our friends and families complaining of aches and pains after spending hours out in the yard raking the leaves. These aches and pains can be significantly reduced in just a few easy steps.


  • Find a Rake that fits you!

Be sure the handle is long enough that you are not hunching over and reaching to contact the ground but not so long that you are having difficulty controlling its size and weight.


  • Stretch!  

Before going outside perform a quick stretching routine to loosen up your shoulders, back and legs. Stretches can include:

  • Lay on your back and bring both knees to your chest
  • Lay on your back bringing one knee toward your chest and straightening your other knee, reaching that leg long while pushing it down to the floor
  • Lay on your stomach and bend your knee bringing your heel toward your buttock
  • Sit tall with one arm behind your back and use your opposite hand to pull further into the stretch at the front of your shoulder. Please do the same on the other side.

All stretches should be held for 60 seconds and repeated 3-5 times to be effective.


  • Maintain Good Posture!

While raking be sure to keep your back straight and hinge from your hips to lean forward. Don’t forget to keep your chest up and stand in stride with one foot behind the other to maintain your balance.



  • Take Breaks!


Take frequent breaks and be sure to stand up straight. Place both hands on your lower back and pelvis and lean back so your back arches for 1-2 seconds 8-10 times.

All individuals should contact their health care provider prior to performing any exercises or physical activity to ensure they are safe to do so. For pain management and education about a pain prevention program contact us at (585) 396-1400. No referral from your doctor is needed!