Therapeutic Exercise

After sustaining an injury, the last thing a patient may want to do is perform physical activities.  However, while it may sound counterintuitive, physical activity is often just what is needed to help one recover from an injury.  

Therapeutic exercises are a great means of helping a patient’s body heal from within.  When our physical therapists teach patients these exercises, it helps to increase strength and improve the flexibility and range of motion in the injured area.  These exercises play a crucial role in recovery, as at times they can help prevent permanent damage from taking place.

Before being taught any therapeutic exercises, our staff will perform a full assessment of your injury.  Doing so allows our physical therapists to determine what level of activity your body is currently able to handle.  Once this is accomplished, you’ll be shown how to perform a variety of stretches and exercises that will help whatever part of your body was injured make a full recovery.