Strain and Counterstrain

Strain and Counterstrain is a form of treatment in which our physical therapists will only use their hands to administer, and is perfect for patients suffering from acute muscular pain.  If you’ve found yourself battling with tender muscles or a limited range of motion, our team at Lake Country Physical Therapy & Sports Care will be able to help.

The strain and Counterstrain technique are extremely beneficial for patients dealing with muscular issues caused by imbalances within the body.  One of the most common causes of muscular imbalances is poor posture, which is a problem that a large number of adults face. Our physical therapists will correct these imbalances, allowing you to receive the relief you need.

Once the problematic muscles have been identified, the treatment will begin.  Our staff will gently stretch and shorten the appropriate parts of the muscle to get it back to its normal positioning.  There are minimal risks associated with this treatment, making it one of the most beneficial therapies we offer.