Mckenzie Method

For patients dealing with spinal compression or other related disorders, our staff may suggest undergoing what is known as the Mckenzie method to help correct the problem at hand.  

The Mckenzie method was developed by the physical therapist Robert Mckenzie in the 1960s.  The main goal of the Mckenzie method involves stretching the spine, which allows the patient to receive optimal healing results.  Passive modalities are not used during this form of treatment, as a full hands-on approach is taken to heal the source of your pain, rather than just focusing on your symptoms. 

Patients who visit Lake Country Physical Therapy to have the Mckenzie Method administered can expect to learn how they will be able to treat and manage neck and back pain on their own.  Doing so allows for a more wholesome treatment to be experienced, and can lead to fewer trips to the doctor’s office being needed for treatment.