Behavioral Modification

As humans, it’s only natural for us to have a few problematic tendencies or behaviors.  While some are more problematic than others, trying to eliminate any unpleasant behaviors should be at the top of everyone’s lists.  At Lake Country Physical Therapy & SportsCare, we know doing this on your own can be difficult at times. That is why we incorporate behavioral medications into our services, so our patients can live out their best lives.

The main focus of a behavior modification program is for therapists and counselors to increase the desired behavior and decrease the undesired behavior in their patients.  However, one thing that many people fail to realize is that these programs are meant to change over time. By continuously changing the program, positive behaviors are reinforced by a variety of stimuli.  Doing so greatly increases the likelihood of the change in behavior sticking, which our team will do everything in our power to achieve.